Customer Testimonials  

"The most rewarding times of my work is when I meet wonderful horses & people, see smiles, get hugs, art from children & kind & inspiring words in response to our time together! Thank You."                                                    

                                                                        - Lauren Michele McGarry

What I have gotten out of showing with Lauren Michele is a great time & confidence. I am showing her horse, Luna, for the first year & I went to my first AQHA show & placed! I then went to my second show, an open show & got a 1st, 2nd & 3rd!                                                  - Haleigh, 15

When I first came to Red Horse Equine Arts, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. I thought Lauren Michele & Margie McGarrys’ farm is really just another four square acre farm. And most people would think that for such a small place how could anything really BIG be happening.

 Let me assure you, that is probably the most false statement ever to be made about it. Lauren Michele wants to see kids excel in what really is the ART of Horsemanship, which has almost been forgotten in today's horse world. After the first 30 minutes of being here I knew how big her dreams were, and I knew how passionate she was about horses and how much she had to share.                                      -Rebecca, age 16

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I am happy to share my high regard for the quality care and unique professionalism that Lauren Michele McGarry demonstrates in her work with both horse and rider.


Ms. McGarry is a licensed Massage Therapist, and she brings her knowledge of human anatomy, and its equivalent horse anatomy into all levels of her equestrian expertise, from beginner to acquiring professional ability. She supplements her personal commitment to holistic health concerns for animals with her deep knowledge of an animal's nutritional needs.


I have had the opportunity to appreciate these wonderful professional qualities time and again, but especially when I had the opportunity to observe how conscientiously Ms. McGarry worked with my two young granddaughters as beginning equestrians. She has a special gift of watchfulness and rapport for safely working with young children, as they learn to enjoy the beginning of their life-long relationship with horses, and with their other animal friends.          - Richard Filisky, M.S., phD. candidate and humanitarian