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Red Horse Equine Arts is happy to carry select brands to meet high standards of quality, whole food and supplements that we use for our horses. Products are offered at the most affordable prices we can bring them to you! RHEA wants EVERY horse to reach its full health potential!

We like to offer Organic, all-natural products but when they are not available we evaluate each product with a discernible eye & use it at our farm or with our continuing clients before offering it to the public. 


Scroll down for our links to our trusted suppliers websites that are our mainstays in the house & the barn! We cannot list & picture all items here yet but use the links to see all that we can help you with including our often discounted prices! 

Have questions? Need a little guidance-no problem! Call or e-mail us a short message. Better yet set up a nutritional education session specific to your horse; you will be making a lasting, cost-saving difference in your horse's health!
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Human Supplements  The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest her or his patients in the care  of the human frame, in a proper diet & in the cause and prevention of disease.                                              -Thomas Edison

As with all whole food products & supplements we research and use only the highest quality from companies that are dedicated to the same high standards and ethics we are. We are happy to be affiliated with companies that are also environmentally and socially responsible.

Organic, Raw, Live Foods free of GMO's and grains are both the foundation of nutrition and the products we offer. We also carry many high quality supplements, herbs and homeopathics only available through a licensed health care practitioner. You can access these by setting up a wellness or nutrition consultation with

Lauren Michele McGarry, L.M.T., Y.T..

Lauren Michele has been studying and using nutrition to heal since she was in her teens, learning from family members a few mentors about the healing power of wild foods. Continuing her search for the definition of a healthy and ecologically sustainable diet led her to many doctors, veterinarians and other experts. In her twenties she had the opportunity to study Ayurvedic Medicine to compliment the Western perspective from which she learned.

We have several local doctors that we can work with when needed for further support. For clients using our consultation services we are happy to talk with your doctor with written consent.

Horsemanship Tools & Products  Safe, Effective, Durable,

Affordable & Time-Tested! All that in each product, that is our requirements in products WE use & sell!  And we do our best to purchase whenever possible Local & American made!                                                                          ~Red Horse Equine Arts

Browse  the links below for some of what will be offered on www.RedHorseWellness.center

We are under major construction while getting the e-commerce site off the ground.  
Please hang in with us as we are dedicated to making the "horse world" a little more affordable & healthy! We do as much as we can to choose products Earth-Safe and MADE IN THE USA.
Keep in mind you can call or e-mail us anytime with an order or a product you are looking for.

www.jacksmfg.com for horse care, tack, apparel & some supplements.

www.easycareinc.com for the best in equine booting for performance or rehabilitation.

www.abcplusbiz.com for high-quality, organic, holistic feed & supplements,

www.mountainroseherbs.com for many high quality herbs we buy by pounds to keep cost down.

www.starwestbotanicals.com for more herbs in "horse size" quantity,

for our human supplements, we have our favorite that we order through them as Lauren Michele McGarry is a licensed health care professional
www.prlabs.com if you are a current health consultant client or working with a doctor or nurse care practitioner that we work with.

www.thesynergycompany.com for some of the highest quality whole food & nutraceuticals on the market!

AND we are happy to announce we have added www.healthforce.com exceptionally powerful foods and supplements, including our most popular product Green Mush to keep your smaller animal friends healthy and strong!
Kelp (Sea Algae) Rich in Natural Iodine & many minerals not found in most supplements.Palatable to most horses. One of my MUST HAVES, always fed free-choice. Choose from 3 sizes