Horse Training    Each horse is unique and trained to bring out the best in it, but honestly most of the training is for the person.     

~An old horsewoman's "rule of thumb"

LaurenMichele, working with Shiny Little Pistol, grandson of Shining Spark, enhancing boundaries and building trust to improve riding training already in place.

Just to give a basic outline while we are building are website.....


Red Horse Training & Care offers a VERY well rounded Training Program.


We offer experienced, humane training for your current show horse, prospect or your soon to be trusty trail horse and long-time friend!


Our Clients Train, Ride & Show in:

Progressive Training & Riding Skills

Western Pleasure

Western Equitation

Competitive Trail


Hunter Under Saddle

Hunt Seat Equitation

We also incorporate:

Fun and experimental work on the ground in different settings. &

Ground Training

Rehab Training for Abused & Fear-Trained Horses.

Miss Reliable, Luna, at 16years old. We like to stop and hang-out in between mini work-outs and new lessons.
It keeps both of us relaxed and sharp when we go back to work again. This is something that helps a lot of horses learn that a saddle or bridle doesn't mean "GO" or "STRESS", it can be a calming and rewarding.
Axel, as a 3yro, understood and willingly walked, trotted, cantered, partially guided on a loose rein, stopped and backed. He was young but he was not ridden for more than 30 minutes a day, two to four times a week. He had daily turn-out, always with pasture mates and lots of grooming ( because he loved it it really kept a good bond between us )  And like most horses that come into training, are young or timid he went on daily "walk-abouts" as I call them. This is my term for basically taking them with me in a halter and lead all around the farm or location while I do my business for the day. This way they get exposed to all types of things, animals and people in a relaxed way. There is much less formal "training-time", that can lead to anticipatory stress. Plus it is just enjoyable!
GROUNDWORK+GROUNDWORK+GROUNDWORK- does NOT EQUAL lap after lap or chasing your horse around the round pen hunched over like a predator!!!
OK- IT"S OUT! I JUST HAD TO SAY IT JUST ONCE!! ( because I can on my website ) ;D
A round pen is just a shape of pen for you and your horse to create a language and keep you and your horse safe until you are ready for "the great wide open". Being a safe place, it is one you can always come back to. Much more than that and it can often become a place of bad memories for your horse and unnecessary wear on their joints.