Farrier Care- The hooves are like tiny mirrors that reflect the viccitudes of Nature, for horse & hoof move together through the natural world together.                        - Jamie Jackson

We offer on-site farrier care for horses of all breeds & most sports.
When necessary we offer boarding @ our farm for horses needing intense rehabilitative care.

We like to see as many horses as possible go barefoot. Many horses and owners can achieve this with some patience and a little time for the hoof to transition. We realize that not all horses can be barefoot always and some horses due to injury or illness need more support than barefoot can offer.
Therefore we offer:
»Barefoot Trimming
»Many Booting Options
»Glue-on Shoes
» Custom orthotic shoes, boots and other unique, creative options that address each individual horse and rehabilitative cases.
We are happy to work with your vet or other equine professionals as it is often a team effort to establish a healthy hoof.
 In addition we work with a select group of other professionals that may be closer in location & we always take into consideration who would be of best help to you & your horse. We do travel between Youngstown & Columbus, OH, Pittsburgh, PA & Lexington, KY. Other locations can be arranged. Please call to see when we are on our way towards you! 330-398-4277
Customer Testimonial- Thank You to Our Customers for their business & feedback!

LaurenMicheleMcGarry has been out to my place to work on my horse two times now. My horse has a long history of lameness and hoof issues most likely originally related to poor trims. He came to me with long toes and under run heels from an auction kill pen. He was 'off' from the beginning. I did what the various professionals recommended all to no avail. He continued to be on and off lame. The sound times became less and the lame times became more severe. It was beyond frustrating. 

 I can say that Lauren is knowledgeable, capable and passionate about helping horses. This week I got the pleasure of seeing my horse gallop, stomp and buck with pure joy and abandon to an extent I have not seen since he has been with me. I appreciate the holistic approach she takes with the horses as I have seen the improvement in my horses. I also appreciate the calm, quiet, approach she has with the horses. She has a soothing way about her.
Thank you Red Horse Equine Arts!
Sue Steiner -Ohio

From mini's to donkeys and even drafts we care to make sure each horse and hoof is given the utmost attention.Smile 

Continuing Education  is as Important, perhaps more important than what you already know. Skill and knowledge come with time and surrounding yourself with others that are always learning. We strive to always be expanding our experience, knowledge and network with other professionals.

Rehabilitation for a Foundered Horse

Another sad case with a HAPPY ENDING
A long way to go but a long way we have come in two weeks! After a bit more trimming Magic will receive  a soaking of his feet for 20-30 min in Oxine AH to kill the microbes that cause Thrush & White Line Disease. Then he will have his heels built up to offer more support to the whole hoof itself, inside & out and also to stimulate new growth in the heel area. Next he will have a semi flexible cast put on for about a month. Check back to see even more improvement!!
The last step was to apply a hoof cast to Magic's front feet to provide support to the hoof wall and protection to the sole as well as preserve the Vettec Copper Sulfate and Sil-Pak applied to keep thrush at bay and offer cushion to his tender feet.
Until we get all the glitches out visit us on facebook to see more photos of Magics hooves being healed, say hello, share your hoof stories & stay updated on  what we are doing & how you can be a part! Here's to making a world full of happy hooves! JUST USE FACEBOOK LINK BELOW!
Luna a few minutes after putting on her first pair of Easycare Gloves-She is feeling GOOD!