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What's the first thing you notice? The woman on her knees? No, she's not praying with her horse, though that would be sweet!  I notice the level of the horses head & neck, this is much similar to how they would graze, eat feed given to them, travel at a walk, all the necessary healthy movements of the day. It is at this level that a dentist working to achieve a natural balance would position themselves to assure the jaw of the horse is relaxed & in proper peak biomechanical place.

Does your vet or dentist do this? If not you for your horse's welfare learn more.

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Red Horse Equine Arts is so pleased to offer what LaurenMichele calls natural dentistry. Simply because the theories for floating the teeth are based on the natural way the horses' jaw is supposed to be able to move, the individualized, natural bite of the horse is balanced or maintained & the only unnaturally worn surfaces of the teeth are removed, never taking the normal "curvature" of the teeth off. This in turn effects the way the horse digests his food, moves his spine, legs and overall stays healthy. The old horse saying "No Feet, No Horse" might have to take second place to "Bad teeth, Troubled Horse"! 

It is only through dedicated, well educated equine dentists researching & working "in the field" that this is possible. A Thank You to all of you that work with Red Horse Equine Arts!

OMGosh right?! Probably didn't think you'd see that in there! Check out the ridges on the top palate as well.

And if you look at the top molars on the opposite side, not flat at all huh? So why would we let someone stick a flat file in there and rather aimlessly file away with the horses head & jaw in all kind of odd positions?

A Thank You to those who have contributed some of the photos on this page for the purpose of educating & illustrating what natural balanced dentistry is all about!Laughing