Consultations     It is Common to Do Well, it is Rare to Excel.

This is one-of-a-kind information gathering, possibly life-changing experience for you & your horse. Don't pass up a chance to truly see your horse through the lens of a very holistic perspective!

During an initial hour and 1/2 equine wellness consultation many horse owners have said they  "gained more information than they had through YEARS" of consulting, "and thousands of dollars" trying to resolve health, behavior & miscellaneous but troublesome issues! 


Here are some challenges solved or greatly improved:


♦ Equine Behavior, Eating & Weight issues 

♦ Persistent Hoof Care Problems

♦ Unresolved Health Issues

♦ Insulin Resistance & Equine Metabolic Syndrome

♦ Founder & laminitis

♦ Aggression

♦ Passivity & Fearfulness

♦ "Vices" i.e weaving, cribbing.....

♦ Unexplained and or Unresolved Muscular Pain

♦ Riding or training "problems" i.e. "cold back", mounting issues,  adequate forward movement, correct leads, moving straight, & flexibility. 

Wellness consultations for your horse offers you a chance to solve and optimize your horse's health, behavior and quality of life.  A horse and his/her health cannot be divided into many parts. Health and the calm, willing equine partner we are all looking for can only be found by seeing the dynamic interconnections between ALL the "parts" of the mind and body. 

Scheduling a consultation, you can access the unique expertise of Lauren Michele's 24 years of interdisciplinary equine studies. You may also receive the advice of many professionals in the top of their field via Lauren Michele's collaborations when needed.

This includes experts in the fields of:


♦ Barefoot & therapeutic trimming

♦ Equine Nutrition

♦ Natural, Balanced Dentistry

♦ Acupuncture

♦ Chiropractic work

♦ Massage Therapy & other Bodywork

♦ Allopathic Medicine when necessary

♦ Saddle Fitters

♦ Energy Medicine

♦ Kinesology

♦ And of course Behavior & Training.

Initial Consultation- $120 + travel ( Lauren Michele does travel within the U.S. and Canada, for further distances please contact us)

Follow-up consults-range from $25-$60 per hour depending on time and needs of individual.

As a client you receive a 10% discount on all related products to support you and your horse's goals affordably. Keep in mind we are a non-profit and our profits go back into helping animals get healthy and educating people on holistic health!

Horses whose welfare is at risk and owners or responsible parties that are financially disadvantaged may be eligible for additional discounts and funding through our non-profit work.
Help Us Help Horse Heal!
In memory of Sugar, who blessed us with her unimaginable courage and perseverance. We wish dearly we would have been called upon sooner- no doubt her life could have been saved but her story and spirit inspires our work to see and care for the horse as a whole, workng in conjunction with the owner and other professionals. There is a bright future for many equids needing holistic care.

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