Clinics  Calisthenics can build up the body. Courses of study can build up the mind. But the real champion s the person who's heart can be educated.

                                                                                                                                -Fred Russel

We use as many styles of learning as possible to reach everybody and to make it as rich an expereience as possible! 

After going through movement & body awareness excercises, Holly remounts & finds correct natural balance on her own immediately!

While we encourage eating well & nourishing one's body well no clinic is complete without some chocolate cookies!
Who knew a day of meditating and learning could be so much work... relaxing in the evening informal conversation. MMmmm!

Contact us now! We can give you a list of planned clinics at the farm. "Participant with Horses" spots go quickly, but there's always room for auditors!


If you are interested in hosting a clinic, LaurenMichele would be happy to talk with you about topics and  or events you would like to create! 


Tentative: Clinic in Northeast or Central OH, possibly in or near Lexington, KY. No exact dates yet-late spring early summer. These will be sure "don't want to miss" clinics!


Tentative: Booth at The Holistic Horse Expo in Waynesburg, PA The booth will be set up to represent The Holistic Horse Care Cooperative & we will be sharing our info as well.



"I will be adding a list of all the clinics we have done or still do so you can see what fits you best. We are always open to new ideas as well! Check back soon or just call if you have any questions.

Thanks"- Lauren Michele

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Yoga & Movement for Equestrians 1

Yoga & Movement for Equestrians 2 ( for those with a prior yoga practice)

Showmanship Made Fun!!

Equitation Easily, levels 1-3