Blanket Repair  "We offer our experience to make you & your horse safe, comfortable & happy!"

Thanks to our creative and talented seamstress we can fix just about any tethered or torn blankets, sheets, coolers, sleazies, you name it!

We appreciate good blankets and apparel aren't cheap so let us assist in making them last,  and even replacing them, parts or pieces affordably with our products.

Custom fitting of a horse apparel can also be done in case you have a high withered horse that also gets sore withers from blankets or a roly-poly pony that no size seems to fit we can do a few nips and tucks at a nominal fee to finally make the lil' one comfortable!

See for yourself some old Blankets made new and some custom fit Apparel! We offer washing and drying, no more sneaking into the laundromat! Just contact us for prices, our goal is to keep horse care affordable!

Red Horse Blanket Repair Price List:


*Specializing in Waterproof Fabrics and Custom Fits for Horse & Rider

*All blankets are individually, cold washed in front loading machine, then hung dry per manufacter's instructions

*RHBR&SC uses soap designed for waterproof fabrics and other soaps are all environmentally friendly



*Shipping via UPS is available & within OH, Northern WV, & Western PA is reasonable,
(clean your blanket first, then weigh it & give us a call. We will help ya' figure it out!)



Winter Turn-out Blankets Mid-Heavyweight are $12-14.

Stable Blankets-Light weight Blankets are $9.

Sheets and Apparel are $4-6


Patches are $5.00 each any size

Front Buckle with Strap: $5.00

2" leg straps with hardware: $7.50

Elastic Leg Replacement Straps with Snaps: $7.50pair

*All Patches & Straps are color and texture matched as closely as possible.


Blankets folded & stacked, all ready to go, after being cleaned thoroughly & skillfully repaired.
Marge working on a custom reversible polarfleece blanket to keep a P.O.A. warm & toasty!
Our cat Cherry elegantly highlighting this older model blanket in need of leg straps.
Minus Cherry, plus leg straps & D rings.
This very nice nylon 420 Denier Show Sheet was purchased for $5 because all of the trimming had come undone around the back & bottom. Looks BRAND NEW NOW!
We do our best to match colors & make clean, neat & tight stitching on this waterproof heavy winter blanket, we later heard Daisy was quite happy with it!