Services      "Our goal is to provide you with excellent services & education, access & support to services & professionals  you won't find anywhere else. We can lead you places you never knew were possible!"                                                       -LaurenMichele McGarry

Here at Red Horse Equine Arts,  since we are a Holistic Training Center we strive to provide you & your horse with a purposeful variety of services by not only our staff but experts in a variety of fields. All of the professionals that you will find listed are, in our experience top notch & come highly reccommended by us as well as being recognized in their specialty.This is to provide you & your horse optimal services for achieving your goals! If you are not familiar with holistic health & training take a moment or come back and browse as things are always changing around here. 


 We welcome any breed & just about every discipline but we do have a special love & dedication to the American Quarter Horse; those competinging in All-Around as well as pleasure & working Quarter Horses! 


This is a list of our own & our "support team" current services:  Clinics & Seminars, Lessons, Farrier Care, Performance & Wellness Consultations for either horse or rider including Nutritional Consultations, Equestrian Yoga Therapy, Biofeedback (for equestrians),  Equine Massage Therapy, and also Dentistry. 


 Please click on the appropriate service tab (on the left hand side menu) for additional information about these services.

No 24/7 in box stalls for horses we care for! Even show horses can be safely turned out and deserve as natural an environment we can create. This in turn creates a strong, physically and mentally healthy horse!

Whether we are training our horses or yours or teaching our approach to horsemanship we emphasize kindness, respect and a calming approach to create a quiet, trusting equine partner!

Please use this link below to the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative to find a wide span of people from all over the country offering about every service your big holistic heart can think of!

 You can also find us listed on the new listings for holistic horse training, le">horseback