Yoga & Movement for Riders    Movement & Keen Awareness is as Natural to Horses as It is to Us, We Only Need to Reawaken it.        


Movement Exercise- Stable Seat
Chair Pose
Body Mind Integration creates a rider or handler with enhanced skill level & capacity to  "read" their horse with great awareness. Without it we are blind to what we are telling the horse with our body language, facial expression & subconscious thoughts that influence our choices & actions in each moment.

Most of us are seeking successful & happy partnership with our horses. Some of us work hard to bring forth the full athletic ability and intelligence  of our horses. This is an achievement of beauty & highly refined skills

People often fall short of this though because we have not trained ourselves to be as skilled as we expect our horses to be!

Yoga & Movement for Equestrians develops all the skills an equestrian needs to master his or her discipline & the Art of Horsemanship

Yoga teaches:
♦ Appropriate Breathing for a relaxed body & sharp mind
♦ Balance
♦ Body Alignment
♦ Strengthens Weak Muscles & Stretches Tight Muscles

Contemplative Movement teaches:
♦ Body Awareness 
♦ "Feel" (the essence of how to be with horses)
♦ Fluidity
♦ Rhythm
♦ Enhances Natural Spontaneity of Cooperative Movement (of Horse & Handler/Rider)
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