The Path to Horsemanship  A Change in Heart is a Change in Everything                                                                            -Heartmath LLC

The Path to Horsemanship is a unique one-on-one training program for someone who wishes to embark on a journey of understanding the horse from the inside out.  You will be learning how to train your horse or one of ours from a physical, mental & spiritual ledge that is a skill to walk. You are given a chance to explore those same aspects within yourself with all the support we can give you!
 Come take a step into the horseworld totally different than how it is
 commonly experienced!
What is Covered-
On the Physical Level:
 First health & fitness of the horse to prepare it for soundness & success
 This includes: Diet
                           Naturally Balanced Dentistry
                           Natural Hoofcare & Balance

Second handling & ground skills of all levels of the horse & the person are covered.
This is done in a very thoughtful, concious way with progressing steps that are eventually interwoven.
Third development of  riding skills
                           Correct Tack Fitting
                           An Independent Seat 
                           Heightened Body Awareness
                           Balancing the Horse
                           The "path of least resitance" theory
More to Come>>>>>>>>>Laughing