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Richard Filisky, BA, MA.,PhD candidate

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Coryn Jerome Hayes, Pro. Photographer

Chris Pananogopoulos, D.C.M. if you are looking to build any size wood or pole building, this is a guy you can trust to have the knowledge & experience to customize your needs & you can rest easy your animals are in a safe place! this is a family run company consisting of proffesional people that know their stuff! And  have a unique dedication to good service. if you are looking to comfort your small dog or cat in safe, cozy be made by Irene Simonson, a true animal advocate check out her site.  is a raw food for dogs and cats company. They are local, highly educated on holistic health for cats and dogs, supporters of achieving peak health through raw foods.  an EXCELLENT resource for highly educated & wise holistic nutrition & veterinary care. They also carry a very high quality, therapeutic line of products to treat the horse from the inside out! we are a strong supporter of the wonderful mission & work being put into this organization. If you are looking to find other profesional holistic equine practitioners or connect with other horse owners with similar interests this is becomin an invaluable resource is the Intersholastic Equestrian Association encouraging & offering a place for grades 6-12 to learn to ride & compete some in a safe,  progressive learning environment with an emphasis on good sportsmanship! Please contact us if you or your child would be interested in joining our new team!