LaurenMichele McGarry's Biography

LaurenMichele McGarry,  founder of Red Horse Equine Arts, Red Horse Training & Care and Red Horse Wellness, brings 26 years of experience & love to her business.  Besides managing the holistic training facility Ms. McGarry thoroughly enjoys her work as a clinician and consultant. 

She started in 4-H showing horses and acting as president of her club, then quickly moved on to showing All-Around on the AQHA circuit with a young prospect she chose as her first horse. Continuing to work in the horse industry, later as an adult she went on to manage several hundred head AQH breeding farm that raised quality foundation bloodlines for cutting and reining. She also managed a nationally renowned dressage facility, and then went on to apprecentice under and train for multiple successful trainers in the Quarter Horse and National Reining Horse Industry. Many of the young horses Lauren Michele started have gone on to have very strong show "careers" and become money earners in both reining, all-around and jumping.

However she was unsatisfied with the abuse and inhumane handling of many show horses so she began to explore what we now call "Natural Horsemanship". This also fit well with her long-time studies in holistic healing. 

Ms. McGarry has been a licensed Massage Therapist by Ohio State Medical Board, since 1997, as well as Nationally Certified. She was also trained as a dancer, yoga practitioner and teacher, out of which she developed "Yoga for Equestrians" in 2001.  Additionally, studies in holistic healthcare and Somatic Psychology at Naropa University in Colorado culminated in a new perspective she brought back to the art of Horsemanship. Combining her studies in Ayurvedic and holistic healing, allopathic medicine & psychology with her life-long work with horses Lauren Michele has developed a unique philosophy and dedication to the Art of Horsemanship, reaching beyond both competitive & " natural horsemanship" to a whole, new. cutting edge program for horse & rider to succeed at their goals of excellent health and partnership. 

In 2008 she began studying to be a farrier with a natural balance hoof care practitioner. In 2012 she began traveling because of demand for her skill at helping horses that others had given up on. Gratefully most become sound and healthy again. Lauren Michele continues this by attending continuing education events and studying with other farriers, a wide variety of health care practitioners and ongoing research.  

Her passion for healing, teaching & being a constant student herself to horses is unending!