Horses for Sale,Lease and Adoption "We have been in the business of horses for over 25 years. We are not in the business for sales but for helping people find the horse of their dreams and horse the homes that will give them the best!"

                                                                                                                            - Lauren Michele McGarry

We are currently looking for a beginner horse for a child client. We are sure of a good home for this horse. If you have a fitting horse please contact us!
You can call us anytime for our support and expertise in helping you find and determine the wellness and good match of a perspective horse. Whether it is a horse you are hoping to compete with on a national level or be a sound, experienced trail horse for your child. It is our hope we will be helping that horse find a forever-loving home with you!
Luna is the first horse we purchased to be the main part of Red Horse team. She acts as our main lesson horse, She has great AQHA bloodlines, Is a beautiful mover, can do all-around and has a great mind. She exemplifies what we look for in a horse. And P.S. mares are always welcome!Smile
It was a pleasure to have the next horse, Georgia, show up, owners looking to sell her. I had known her many years before when she was shown in Western Pleasure, where she excelled. She got to retire and be a "babysitter" for two little girls and remains in that home still to this day. This always makes us very happy!
Soon Chloe was added. She had "killer" AQHA bloodlines, daughter of Artful Move, looks, conformation and experience under her belt! She was a beautiful mare that moved on to a better fitting home as she LOVED to do trail rides. We felt it was best for her to go to a home that was could give her that.
Axel, registered name Touch of Flame, is one of those horse that proves bloodlines don't mean everything. I started him along with three other young ones after a hiatus from riding, especially young colts. I met him tied with a neck rope because he was a "puller" and he jumped if you sneezed. Today he is one healthy, ATHLETIC, "puppy dog" of a horse. And a brave trail horse. Bravery was not a word we thought we would add to his repertoire but it is. with some more training he will excel also as an all-around horse with a western slant. Reining and Western Riding and beginner to Intermediate levels of Dressage would be easy for him.
Next came our first rescue, our longest and most loved- Ra En Ka Re. He came with a sad story and growth stunted as a yearling because of malnutrition. However his intelligence, gentleness and personality superseded his small size exponentially! After a few homes were tried he finally we placed him in the hands of a most dedicated, loving horse mom. Below is a video of when he was hear being started under saddle.
Watch a short training clip with Ra to see his calm demeanor & easy-flowing movement as he is learning his 'way' around the round pen! Please click "like" or "share" if you know someone that would like to see it also. Congratulationsto Mr. & Mrs. Yobe, the proud new parents of Ra En Ka Re Smile
Well I guess the world thought we had had enough solid colored horses so along came a pony we named Braveheart. We rescued him from a very lonely life with no farrier or veterinary care. In time, with lots of loving handling we eventually placed him with a young lady in 4-H for her first year. She took Braveheart to her county fair and scooped up all the awards! We know who her first love was!
Rescue- Magic came to us with Kristen you see below. They were on their way to the killers trailer the day before we asked to take them. Magic was 18, skinny, foundered and PPID positive. Through donations we got his teeth taken care of ( and oh how they were frightening! ), we took care of his feet and got him walking barefoot comfortably on all but very rocky ground. He was re-homed with a young buddy to keep him moving and for him to teach some manners too. He also acted as the most patient "babysitter" for three little kids that liked to climb up on him we found out by leaning a small ladder against him and climbing on bareback with a halter and lead. Magic was a beautiful soul!.
Rescue-Kristen came with Magic (above) on their way to the killers. Kristen was a well-bred AQH, built for speed- most likely a barrel horse. However when we got to her we found she had suffered from broken carpal bones ( front right knee ). She walked Ok but could not ever be ridden, dealt with a moderate amount of arthritic pain and according to veterinary examination, only had 10-15% range of motion in her leg. Nonetheless, we felt we could help her and she could go onto to make a wonderful pasture mate and company to a person. Time went on and we helped her tremendously and she returned the favor by giving us many laughs and much love with her wonderful personality. Sadly, I report we had to euthanize Kristen in the fall of 2013 because we had no room for her for the winter and of all the people that read her add and called nobody wanted her because she could not be ridden. I include her story because it is the reality of horses finding homes, the overpopulation of them and all the great horses that people miss out on simply because they cannot ride on their back. The best gifts often come in unexpected places. And our farm will never be the same after touched by an angel and one heck of a trooper like Kristen!

last addition to our family due to my weakness for Quarter Horse Foundation bloodlines, very red horses and athleticism & conformation that will knock your socks off, Shiny's Little Pistol came to join the herd. He is a grandson to the one and only Shining Spark, Otherwise known as Rojo around here. He exemplifies our ability to find and recognize exceptional horses and fit them to the right home! Lucky for us we were the right home, blessed with our gentle big guy!