About Us     "If we nourish our horses' bodies and minds they will nourish our souls"                    -LM McGarry

Touch Of Flame 2011

Our mission is to integrate traditional, holistic and progressive approaches of training, instruction & equine management. We have found over the decades this is a reliable way to help grow every horse & rider.  We firmly believe it is necessary for the rider and the horse to develop a connection based on trust, communication, respect and balance.


 Our trainer & Instructor, LaurenMichele, helps each rider train their own body and mind as well as teaching them how to relate naturally to their horse.  She helps them learn their particular horses' psychology so that they can work together in an efficient way that promotes kind, loving and effective training instead of stressing the horse with fear or pain.  At Red Horse Equine Arts we aim to give horses a voice and allow the horse to direct LaurenMichele and you to understand how to bring out the best that the horse has to offer!  Todays' horses have a lot of health and behavior challenges from their past. 


We address any and every issue your horse presents us through:

♦ health, nutrition, natural balance dentistry, fitness & natural balance hoofcare, saddle fit and of course intelligent, tried and true, humane training.

Succeeding for 18 years!
Isle Win Royal 1994
Getting in tune. Developing Feel
Solos Agenda 2009
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