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Holistic Horse Care
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We our happy you are interested in our unique equestrian business. Red Horse Equine Arts is a Holistic Equine & Human Training and Wellness Center based on a small farm in New Springfield, Ohio.  

 Red Horse Equine Arts has two main purposes. One is to teach & get you involved in Holistic Equine Care. This includes clinics, classes and consultations on:

Natural Equine Diet-for the modern horse
Applied Equine & Human Psychology- creating humane and successful relationships
Hoof Care and Soundness- barefoot as well as therapeutic applications of booting, casting and composite shoes
Natural Healing Methods-such as diet, whole food supplements, herbal apllications & physical therapies

Our second goal is to provide holistic and integrative services to horses in need. Then share the success and insight gleaned with the Equine community to help current mainstream training and health care approaches progress more quickly. 
We provide:
1:1 Consultations & coaching for horse owners, as well as a collaborative effort with veterinarians, farriers, nutritionists and other helpful professionals
When we have financial resources we donate our services to horses with no humans to help. For this we depend on forward-thinking, caring individuals like yourself!

Nature's inherent balancing mechanisms is what guides our work. We base our approach on the individual horse's needs and environment. We draw from the wise horsemen and women and healing traditions of past as well as from leading research in all aspects of equine studies.
 We also recognize the need for the rider or owner to be in good physical, mental & spiritual shape as well. That is why we emphasize and provide such services as nutrition and natural health care for people, yoga for equestrians & biofeedbackYou won't be disappointed!


To better understand our philosophies and methods visit the "about us" page and then be sure to click on services and programs to see our exciting and innovative offerings.



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